It’s 2019! What is your New Year’s Resolution?

New Year Resolution

So, what is a New Year’s Resolution?

2018 was a blast and thank God he blessed us again with another year in our life to be more productive and enjoy this wonderful blessing he has given us.

Along with the celebration, is the yearly tradition we are all so familiar with – the New Year’s Resolution.

When I was in high school, our teachers kept on asking us to write down on a piece of paper our New Year’s Resolution. I can’t help but to wonder, why do they always ask us to do the same thing every year?

For every class subject! 

Imagine writing down the same New Year’s Resolution over and over until the end of the day… Whew!

And so, today, I researched its origin and why we are still doing it up to this date. Enjoy!

New Year’s Resolution, where did it come from?

According to Wikipedia, one of my bestfriend aside from Google:

  • Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts.
  • The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named.
  • In the Medieval era, the knights took the “peacock vow” at the end of the Christmas season each year to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry.

Long before we were born, New Year’s Resolution has always been part of people’s life. But, if it originated long time ago, then why are we still doing it today?

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Why we are doing it today?

Nowadays, it is a promise a person make to himself to improve his life and achieve positive/better result for the coming year.

We are still doing this up to this date, because we want to improve. We want to reflect of the things we have done wrong in the past years and make a better version of ourselves.

New Year’s Resolution has become part of our tradition and culture. Some people make promises to themselves to live a healthier life, like quit smoking, eating healthy foods or exercising regularly.

Whatever your resolution is, just make sure that it is going to give you a positive result. This way of thinking increases will help increase your happy hormones which is good for your health.

How do you keep your New Year’s Resolution?

Deciding what your New Year’s Resolution will be is easy. Keeping to it is a real hard-work.

Now, let’s talk about the ways we can do to make sure that we will accomplish our New Year’s Resolution.


    Don’t set goals you know you is impossible to achieve. We are aiming to get a positive result, always remember that. ^_^


    There’s no better way to success than a well planned moves.


    Know how well you’re doing by tracking your progress. This will help you keep your eyes to the price and an instant motivation to keep you going.


    If things didn’t worked out as planned, never lose hope. You can change your course of action, but never your goal. Just stick to it and soon you’ll reap your rewards.


    After you have accomplished your goal for the year, don’t forget to reward yourself appropriately.

    Baka mamaya ang goal mo ay magbabawas ng timbang, tapos nung pumayat ka na, ang reward mo sa sarili ay kumain ng madami. Paktay tayo d’yan! haha!

A New Year’s Resolution is our way of making a better version of ourselves. It’s also a good practice of learning how to properly set and execute your short-term and long-term goals.

So what is your resolution for 2019?

I would love to read it in the comment section below. ^_^


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