How to motivate yourself during bad days

How to motivate yourself during bad days

Feeling demotivated, but doesn’t want to stay the same for the entire day or week? You’ve come to the right place.

I decided to share this topic with you guys because I have been battling this negative emotion for a long time now…

…No, I am not depressed. That’s a different story.

These are simply days when we feel “off”, but we do not want the negativity to get us down (sounds familiar? haha!).

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You may be feeling down because you lost your job and has no money in your pocket or you heard a really bad news that made you really sad. Or maybe, you are simply not in the mood.

Whatever the reason is for your sadness, we can’t let it eat you, make you feel down and be unproductive for the day.

We have to stop this feeling/emotion immediately and find a solution to make you feel good again. That is why I have list down below the best way how to motivate yourself during bad days.

10 Top Remedies For Bad Days

1.) Play your favorite music

It is true that music is one of the best remedy for sadness. Go play your favorite music and try to sing along with it or dance when you feel like dancing.

Playing sad songs are a BIG NO NO. Remember you want to feel happy and alive, so go get that rock music playing and dance to the beat.

2.) Organize your closet

See that pile of clothes in your drawer you tend to ignore everyday and kept on promising yourself to clean it someday when you are no longer busy?

Oh well, today is that day. ^_^

My mom used to say that my closet is a reflection of my mind. Well I find it somehow true. I noticed that whenever my closet looks like it’s been on a war, my mind also feels the same. Unorganized, chaotic and has poor sense of direction.

Organizing your closet is one good way to also declutter your mind, and uplift your spirit after accomplishing a task.

3.) Set your short-term goals

Feeling sad and lost? Aside from God, setting your short-term goals can also help you get back on track.

Never underestimate the power of setting your short-term goals. Remember, you can’t make it to the top without taking your very first step.

Short-term goals guarantee quick results, which we all love! It can keep you motivated as it gives you the sense of accomplishment.

4.) Reward yourself

Self-gratification is good for you to motivate yourself. Why don’t you reward yourself after a long day of work? Or after finishing a certain task you’ve been planning to do for a long time, like cleaning your closet? ^_^

I do this most of the time, and by far, the best remedy for me during my bad days.

5.) Talk to your friend

Another great way to brighten up your day is to have a meaningful conversation with your closest friend.

This is very effective, especially for women. As we all know, we women are more of a communicator type of person than men. We easily express ourselves by sharing our stories to people close to us.

By simply doing this, we eventually feel better chatting with someone who is so much willing to listen to our endless stories.

While men are more of a keep-to-himself type of person, you can go ask your best friend to play basketball or simply discuss topics that interests you the most like the latest gadgets you can add to your collection, tools, games and more.

6.) Watch your favorite comedy movie

Me and my siblings loved doing this. Whenever we have time (which we had lots back then), we watch our favorite movie, The Pirates of the Caribbean. I swear, we can’t get enough of it that we watched it all day, every single day.

I can still remember my grandma shouting at us, “Paulit-ulit nyo ng pinapanood yan. ‘Di nyo pa ba nakakabisado yan?!” (I love you, ‘La, and I miss you so much).

That’s true! Those are the moments we are going to treasure forever. Plus, I find it very effective to brighten your mood. Why don’t you go try it for yourself? You will surely enjoy it.

7.) Cook your favorite food

My favorite remedy for bad days. Remember number 4 about rewarding yourself? Yup. This is it.

I reward myself with my favorite foods. No wonder I’m overweight the last time we had our Annual Physical Exam at work. Haha!

Anyway, don’t eat too much. Everything should be in moderation as what our 2018 Miss Universe said.

8.) Hug your loved ones

Did you know that our cuddle hormone’s (oxytocin) level rise when we hug or touch our loved ones or friends. It can reduce stress and may boost your heart health.

You should do this. It’s super quick and easy!

We (me and my husband) do this everyday, after work, and we call it Power Hug. Like the one in the movie. A quick 20 second hug is super effective!

9.) Remind yourself of your dreams in life

Feeling low? Why don’t you remind yourself of what you dreamed to become 2 years from now?

Keeping your eyes to the price is an effective self-motivational approach everyone should keep on practicing (I do this most of the time) . You have to have a goal or dream in your life to know your purpose, and this my friend, is what keeps us feel alive. ^_^

10.) Keep moving!

If you have tried all the 9 ways I listed above to win back your day, then this is probably your last resort. Go keep on moving! Keep yourself busy. Go to the gym and exercise. Go to the mall or park or better yet, clean your house.

Don’t let yourself be stuck on something that you’re not happy with. Do something about it. Dead people don’t move. Is that clear?

Oh well. I hope this post has helped you coped with those bad days, and if it does, please do share it to your friends. Our share buttons are handy, you can find it in the left side of the page.

If you do know another way of coping with those bad days, please do share your input in the comment section below, and I will be gladly add it to the list.

Have a lovely day!

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