How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

The idea of earning money through blogging while at the comfort of our home or maybe while sipping my favourite mango juice under a coconut tree by the seashore inspired me to start a blog. But when I started taking a step forward towards achieving my dream career, I was slapped face-to-face with the reality that this path is not as easy as it may look.

I’m not saying that blogging is difficult…

…it’s challenging. That’s for sure. Oh and it’s exciting too!

Acquiring new knowledge on how to do this and that is what thrilled me the most.

Making money through blogging is not an overnight success. It is not just about writing a blog or telling your story. You will also have to learn and understand what a web hosting is, the cPanel, how to use WordPress, what SEO is and more.

This may sound overwhelming, but don’t worry, all you need to know how to start making money through blogging are readily available online. You just need to make your first move and surely everything else will follow.

I have listed below a detailed guide on how you can start your blog and make money.

Shall we start reaching our goal? Excellent! Continue reading below to know more.


1. Start a Blog

The very first step you should take to start making money blogging is of course, starting your own blog. You should first identify your niche, your focus topics, then brainstorm your blog name and find a good web hosting provider to store your blog.

You can use this post I made on how to start a blog as your guide to kick-start your bad-ass website. After you create your blog, you can go back to this post to proceed to the next step on how you can earn money through blogging.

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2. Sign Up for Affiliate Programs

Now that you have created your blog. The next step you should do is to sign-up to different affiliate programs that are related to your niche.


What are Affiliate Programs?

This is an arrangement with an online merchant and their affiliate website to send them traffic.

The affiliate website (a.k.a. your blog) will be given an affiliate link, which will record all the traffic you send to the merchant’s website. Once your audience click on your affiliate link and made a purchase, you will receive a commission from the merchant at no cost to your audience.

Imagine if your blog/website has 10,000 visitors per month and 5% of these visitors clicks your link, while 3% purchased. Hey! In case you haven’t realised yet, you’re already making money!

As long as your website has traffic and they are clicking your link, you’re making money!

With the information above, I bet you understand now why you should sign-up for affiliate programs right after you start your blog.


3. Create Useful Contents

Alright. Now, for the tricky part (for me). Dun-dun-dun-duuunn… Creating useful contents.

If you didn’t know me personally, I’m gonna tell you, I’m not a writer/author-type of person. I’m also shy (hindi lang halata. hehe) and would prefer to keep to myself most of the thoughts and ideas I have. Afraid that it may not sound good to others.  But, it doesn’t mean that I can’t create useful contents.

“Everybody has a chance. So go out and explore. Wonderful things can happen out of your comfort zone.”

If I can do it, you can do it too!

Creating useful contents are very important, because these contents you’ve made will make your visitors want to visit your website more often. In short, useful contents attract more visitors.

What’s gonna happen again if you have thousands of visitors per month? That’s right. They may click your affiliate links and make a purchase or better yet, you can put paid ads on your website, like Google Ads and make more money.


4. Build an Email List

When I started this blog, it never really came to my mind that I need to build an email list. Haha!

I just thought that having this feature that collects email addresses is a must for all websites, though I never really knew why is it important. Still, I searched for the best email list builder plugin available for WordPress and copy whatever other websites are doing.

One morning, when I opened my Gmail, one email caught my attention, and it’s from SUMO. They are conducting free webinar on why you should build your email list.

I attended the said webinar, and next thing I know, I was overwhelmed with all the information I have learned.

The speaker in the webinar (sorry, I’m really bad at names), said he’s making viral videos and everyone thought that he’s making money out of it. But, to everyone’s surprise, he’s making no money at all. Why? It’s because he DID NOT collect email addresses.

To cut it short, the most effective way to market your blogs, products or services is by sending out newsletters to your email list. Not all people will visit your website everyday and they may even forget that you exist!

The best way to remind them, “Hey! Go visit again my website”, is by sending a daily or at least 3x a week of your newsletter. Don’t forget to do this in a nice way or they will never open your email.

Email marketing is a very powerful tool that we should all take advantage.


5. Promote Your Blog / Start Finding Readers

You won’t be able to collect emails if there are no visitors, right?

There are multiple ways you can do to promote your blog.

  1. Spread the news by word-of-mouth. Go invite your families, friends, colleagues, classmates, etc. to visit your website.
  2. Get out of your blog/website and visit forums or Facebook groups that are related to your niche.
  3. Share your blog in your Social Media sites. Attract more followers then direct them to your website.
  4. Create a paid advertisement to reach more potential audience.

These are just few ways you can do to market your blog. A good start to drive more traffic to your website.


I am so glad you have made it here. ^_^

I hope this post has been beneficial to you and has given you an overview on how you can make money blogging. If you have any questions or suggestions to improve this post, please leave it in the comment section below.



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