About Me


Hey there! I am so glad you’re here. I’m Elaine by the way and welcome to Save that Curl!


My Inspiration

My hair was my inspiration when I named this blog because I think these two words (Save and Curl) best describes me as a person. I love learning and sharing new ways of saving money and I have a naturally curly/wavy hair, which people usually used to describe me.

Save that Curl author by the beach

Let me give you a bit of a background. When I was in college, we attended a seminar organized by our school about Information Technology way back in 2008. They were encouraging us to create a blog and start sharing any information we love to share to the world. Making me feel blogging is the next big thing.

I was so inspired and really wanted to start creating one (I know how to create a website back then, but I no longer remember all the codes now haha!). Unfortunately, I do not have all the resources I need to start my passion and thought buying a domain is expensive and creating a website requires in-depth knowledge about programming.

Since then, I have always wanted to start a blog and generate income from it that will allow me to work anywhere I want. Enjoy each day while sipping your favorite coffee or watching your most awaited movie. Feel like you never really worked for a day because you are finally enjoying what you do for a living. Who doesn’t want that, right?

After years and years of reading hundreds of blogs, I have finally found the courage to start one. Why it took me years before starting a blog? Well, that is simply because I have always had this mindset to hold up my dream of blogging and focus on making ends meet for my family.

But I believe it is never too late to start one. People are constantly looking for new updates about places and ideas from different people with a different perspective online. That is why I followed my gut and created this blog.

Finally, here I am, putting my right foot forward to achieving my long time dream and I am so excited to share every step of the way with you.



What will you get from this blog?

You have probably thought that this blog will be all about hair. Hair care tips, hairstyle tutorials and everything about hair. Funny because I have not thought about that much when I chose to use this name among the list of blog names I have created. Haha!

I know most of us has already tried saving their hard-earned money, however, ended up spending it because you ran out of budget for the month. Then will try to save again and the cycle will continue until you get tired and give up saving. Feeling guilty? Me too. haha!

Oh well, our life cycle won’t stop unless we start doing something that will totally change everything. Big word, huh? Don’t worry, this blog will guide you on how you can get through it. [wink!]

Life will be meaningless if you’re unhappy. So as we go along, we will travel places and will give you guides, tips and tricks you can do to travel on a budget or have that luxurious experience without losing an arm or a leg.

This site is dedicated to helping people learn more ways on how we can effectively save money, discovering new ways we can do to earn additional income while exploring new places in the metro, nearby the cities and even the whole Philippines, taste their specialties and discover their culture.


Let’s start our adventure and save that curl!

I know it doesn’t make sense, but I like how it sounds. Haha!


Start here!



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