5 Best Ways to Earn Money through Blogging

5 Best ways to Earn Money Through Blogging


Are you looking for a side hustle/part-time that you can easily manage and can be done while you are either travelling, studying or at home while taking care of your little one? You’re in luck! Blogging is perfect for you. I have here listed 5 best ways on how you can earn money from blogging.

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Let me tell you one good reason why you should start blogging now.

When you are looking for an answer to your question or even to your problem, like recipes, definition of a word, how to get there, how to do this and that, reviews, best gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend and more.

What is the first thing that comes on to your mind where you can easily find answers? That’s right. Online. Good guess.

Blogging will always be on trend as long as people rely on the internet for answers and updates. People seek information online to help them with their concerns.

Therefore, we have a big demand here especially in the Philippines, where not all people can be reached by technology, but has millions of internet users.


The Demand

Paano ko nasabi? Haha! According to studies, Philippines has 67 million internet users^. Which means we have a huge demand for up-to-date information in the Philippines!

There are also thousands of bloggers in the Philippines. The problem is, some blogs were abandoned by their owner because after months of blogging, they either lack interest, determination or time for their blog.

What will happen to their blogs? Information will be outdated.

See what I mean?


The Source

With these statistics you can clearly see that we are outnumbered, and there are hundreds of millions of people possibly looking for answers online.

Now, where do you think they will get their answers from? You’re right, from foreign bloggers. Isn’t it great to get help from your fellow Filipinos who can actually relate MORE to what you are experiencing?

Don’t get me wrong. Foreign bloggers are such a great help. I was so inspired by some of them actually, but what I am trying to say is that, we, Filipinos,  also have a huge opportunity here, ONLINE!

Who doesn’t love reading new topics and ideas from a different perspective? Well, I do. I love reading blogs and learning new things over the internet.

Besides, it’s all FREE information! You should also take advantage of that.

What’s good about starting your blog now is that you can also earn REAL MONEY, while sharing information you have about a place or by simply reviewing products. Yes, you read it right. Ways to earn income while blogging is endless!

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To give you ideas, here are 5 best ways to earn money through blogging:


1) Affiliate Marketing

This is the by far, the most common type of income you can have from blogging. A simple link can do wonders, if used or advertised properly.

Your engaged readers/audience will follow the recommendations you will make on products.

In exchange, you will receive a commission when a reader/visitor clicks on your affiliate link (a product that is for sale in other website) and make a purchase within say for example, 30 days.


2) eBooks

If you have knowledge on how to breed dogs, decorate your house, educate people on how to be financially literate and more, you can create an eBook which you can also sell online.

One good way to monetise your eBook is by accepting affiliates. You can earn money by giving commissions to people who will sell eBooks for you.


3) Sponsored Posts

This is one way of a company/brand advertise their products or services to the public via bloggers. They will pay you to help them promote their products/services through your blog.

It is like reviewing a product but you will be discussing some disadvantages and more of its advantages.

If you will do sponsored posts, I suggest to be completely honest with your reviews and tell your readers what they should know about the product or service you are advertising.


4) Selling Products


Ay, di ka nasurprise? hahaha! Of course when you blog online and have traffic, you can definitely sell your own products. You can also do dropshipping to lessen your operational cost.

How does dropshipping works?

Good question. It is when you (the vendor) let the third party fulfills the order and have them shipped the items directly to your customers on your behalf.


5) Offer Services

You can offer your services online like, graphic design, tutorial services, consulting and more. Basically anything that you can do online.

Thanks to the internet you can even work-from-home. With the technology that we have, you can easily communicate with your clients and collaborate with your partners using video calling services like Skype and more.


There you have it!

We can go on and on if you want more but these are by far, the 5 best ways you can earn through blogging out of hundreds.

Trust me, if you want to earn online, the best time to start blogging is TODAY. Months or even years from now, you will eventually gain thousands of visitors each month.

Stop overthinking if you will do it or not. You are just wasting your time. Go out there and explore!

Are you ready to start your own blog? Great!

Click here to know more on how to start a blog

Isn’t it exciting?! I am so thrilled to hear your story of how you started blogging, what are your obstacles and how did you get through it.

Comment down below! I’d love to hear from you.


^ Source: Newsbytes

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